Authenticating Channel On Roku Without Using A Remote

Authenticating Channel On Roku Without Using A Remote

When you are using Roku Streaming device, it is necessary to activate before you use it. That means you need to authenticate channel on roku once you get the device.  If you already have Roku Device, than you can also migrate your old Roku Device to new one. You just need to go to Roku Activation Link and enter the code. Once you do this process you can get all the older subscriptions to your new Roku.

But this is not as simple as this. You need to authenticate the channel using your remote control, this is already mentions in Roku help section. Today we are going to show you how you can migrate your Roku channel using your remote control as well as without use of remote control.

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Problems to authenticate channels using remote control

You can authenticate your all channel using roku device remote. But when you are trying to do this, you may get some problems. Let me explain which type of problems you may get while authenticate the channels using roku device remote.

As you know that roku remote does not have QWERTY keys so typing using a remote becomes very difficult for everyone. It will takes hours to get authenticate on roku activation link. But Roku help says it is mandatory to authenticate the process before you use this device. But do not worry we have another option for you.

Roku App for Smart Device

Roku also have their official app for almost all smart devices. You can easily get the roku app from play store as well as for ios. Basically this app provides all the functions that you can use with roku remote. You can also use this app instead of the remote. But sure your roku device is activate before you do that. If you don’t know how to activate your roku device you can check our article related to Roku Device Activation.

Once you download the Roku application, connect to the same network as the one roku device is connected. Now open the app that you have downloaded. open the app inside which we can search for our Roku device to be controlled. Once the setup has been done all that is left is to point the remote app inside the cell phone towards Roku TV or Roku stick whatever the user is using and can authenticate channels using a cell phone.

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Activate Channel using Roku App

As mentions on roku help and roku activation link, on smartphone app support qwerty keys so it is comparatively easy to type all the necessary information while you are authenticating. You also have enter your credentials for specific service every now and than for example we are a Netflix subscriber as well as one more app subscriber. Than initial you need to authenticate all your app on your Roku TV before you can use it.

Alternate option to activate Roku channels

However it is a bit frustrating and a long process how users have to authenticate each channel on a newer device which has been migrated from an older device but many users have claimed that they didn’t need to go through this painful process. Further in Roku forums a process has been explained where users can select multiple channels from a subscription channel and enter credentials for all of them altogether using a QWERTY keyboard on a smart phone device hence further speeding up the process.

This type of multiple authentication is only available on the latest firmware so user must check for the latest firmware update and ease up to the process of authentication. 

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